Girji Smak på Sápmi lea juo vuoitán bálkkašumi Ruoŧas (http://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/pressreleases/smak-paa-sapmi-vinnare-i-aarets-svenska-maaltidslitteratur-2014-1072375). Dál čielggai maiddái eará bálkkašupmi, eará dásis. Publiseren dás Slow Food Sápmi preassadieđáhusa, maid gávdnen Slow Food Sápmi Facebooksiiddus:

The Best in the World 
Taste of Sápmi are now ”Best in the World” by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015 at Wine bay, Yantai in China in the category ”Local Cuisine”.

”This is an important book. Sámi food traditions has been oral until now. Slow Food Sápmi created the book together with Sámi chefs and ordinary sámi with knowledge about traditional Sámi food. Taste of Sápmi – Sámi Cuisine: Tradition and innovation into the future” does on top of traditions, good and fair food bring focus on Food Sovereignty. For the future of indigenous people over the world the right to land and water is crucial. Our thanks goes to our ancestors who carried traditions, to those who shared their knowledge and to our families who gives time for this this great and important work” said Victoria Harnesk, writer of the book, at her thank speech at the ceremony in Yantai.

Anneli Jonsson, President of Slow Food Sápmi is incredibly delighted for this additional prize awards for the book Taste of Sápmi. – ”This is unique opportunity to be Best in the world at least once in our life, for our region Sápmi. It will set the Sámi cuisine in focus and all the work we do within the Slow Food Sápmi movement in terms of good, clean and fair food. Where our Sami food traditions and access to land and water is the basis for our development within artisan food. Today it feels extra current when Sámi grazinglands are furiously exploited without Free Prior and Informed Consent to adress the impacts of colonization and historic injustice suffered by the Sámi as Indigenous Peoples of northern Europe”, she says.

Contact and Information
• Infomation: Victoria Harnesk
E-mail vharnesk@gmail.com. +46 70-223 56 10
• Read more: www.slowfood.com

• Boktryckarna/Lyxo publishinghouse, Jonas Rydin, +46 8-656 27 70, +46 703-29 59 52, jonas@boktryckarna.se
• Bokrondellen (for retailers)
• Internetbokhandlare (for private persons) 

• Language: English
• Titel: Taste of Sápmi – Sámi Cuisine: Tradition and Innovation into the future
• Publisher: Slow Food Sápmi, 2014, 126 pages
• Text och projectleaders: Victoria Harnesk, Anna Marja Kaddik
• Photo: Bianca Brandon-Cox
• Graphic design and layout: Bianca Brandon-Cox
• Print: Boktryckarna/Lyxo publishing house
• ISBN: 978-91-981636-0-5
• Size and weight: 155x187 mm, 13 mm back of book, 334 g

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